Marjolin’s Ulcer

Marjolin’s ulcer is a malignant tumor that usually develops into squamous cell sarcoma inside of an osteomyelitis sinus tract.


Fungating soft tissue mass that increases in size and has a foul smell in addition to x-rays that show chronic osteomyelitis that may indicate malignant transformation. It usually takes a long time to develop (about 20 – 30 years).


This tumor usually occurs in the lower extremity and can occur in association with burns, decubitus ulcer and venous ulcer. The skin lesion appears more aggressive with more metastasis (it also can spread to the lymph nodes). There is more recurrence than other types of skin cancers and it is associated with a high mortality rate.

The treatment is usually an amputation. Preservation of the extremity function through a wide resection may not be possible.

Difference between Marjolin’s ulcer and Mandura foot:

Majorlin’s ulcer is a malignant slow growing squamous cell carcinoma that usually develops inside of an osteomyelitis sinus tract. Mandura foot is localized swelling with multiple discharging sinuses (usually fungus). The discharge is grain filled or granular.



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