Skin Warts

underwartsSkin warts are a solid blister or small rough growth that looks like cauliflower and is caused by a virus infection (HPV human papillomavirus). There are many types of warts. The most common types are harmless; though contagious. A person with a broken area of skin may be subject to contracting the virus. Skin warts can appear in multiples. They usually disappear after several months but, may last for years and reoccur. Some say that you get warts from touching frogs and toads. However, this is false. Skin warts come from human viruses and not frogs and toads.

faceThe most common warts occur on the hands; however, they can also occur on the face, genitals, or the soles of the feet. Verruca vulgaris is a raised wart with a roughened surface. It is a thickened skin tissue.foot


Many topical products can be used and the best products will contain salicylic acid. Cryotherapy is also useful in removal. Silver nitrate can be used but it may pigment the fingerwartsskin. All of these treatments are aimed at removing the wart but, the wart may regrow after it has been removed. Warts are hard to treat and there is no cure.

Individuals should try to avoid touching patients with warts. Those affected by warts should not try to remove them from their face or genitals.

Data shows that half of the warts resolve in one year. 70% of warts may resolve in two years. Avoid any treatment that may produce scarring.




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