How to Tell If Your Orthopaedic Surgeon Is Board Certified

Responsible for setting standards in orthopaedic surgery, the ABOS certifies the physicians who meet those standards. Attained by passing a rigorous examination, certification must be maintained through specific, peer-reviewed processes, and re-examination every 10 years, unless the initial certification was attained prior to 1986.

Many patients place a great deal of importance on their surgeon’s board certifications. To help patients verify the quality of their surgeon, the ABOS allows the public to search its index of certified physicians. Orthopaedic surgeons will not appear on the list if they are uncertified or their certification has lapsed or been revoked, but they may also be omitted if their certification was very recent or if they are now retired.

To search the list for your orthopaedic surgeon, click the VERIFY CERTIFICATION link at

About the author:

Nabil Ebraheim

A professor, department chairman, and residency program director at the University of Toledo, Dr. Nabil Ebraheim is a leader in orthopaedic surgery. Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS), Dr. Nabil Ebraheim ranked in the 100th percentile when he renewed his credentials in 2015.


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